About Kloviniai Farm

Kloviniai is a village located in a picturesque hilly area in Utena district. This location attracts great attention of eco-tourists. A rippling lake nearby, green hills and valleys create an idyllic retreat, but not only. Apiaries. Today no one even remembers those very first beehives in Klovainiai: when and by whom they had been erected and what kind very first honey was harvested. Just it has been known for a long time that this location is devoted to honey.

The beekeeper Darius Mikėnas, having escaped from other activities, enjoys working in his apiary. "At first, it had been just a pleasant hobby for me", recalls Mikėnas. "I liked to extract honey for my family, gave a package as a present to friends and business partners. Over time, my friends became accustomed to my gifts and started to ask for more and more honey for themselves and their special occasions. Thus, the hobby I has been passionate about transformed me into an ardent beekeeper and a businessman".